Redefine - rediscover - return

Our dear Co-Workers, Greetings in the Name of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ and soon coming King

The 21st Century approaches apace and brings its rapid changes, morally, politically, economically and spiritually. The 1990’s present us, the servants of the Lord, with fresh challenges and new opportunities.
This decade also promises to be one of the most exciting decades for church growth and the expansion of the Kingdom of God. It is important therefore that we are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s direction and work under His anointing to do all that He says. “Let him that has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.” We must not miss out on what God is doing in these days but keep in step and in tune lest we find ourselves left behind as a memory in history and become irrelevant to our generation.

In order to flow in the centre of God’s will I believe it is crucial that we:

a) Redefine our mission mandate
It is regrettable that, to some extent, we must confess we have lost sight of our original vision. Instead we have bought into other peoples’ visions and revelations and followed strange philosophies at the expense of the mandate delivered to us from the Holy Spirit in the beginning. If we will successfully accomplish what God has given to us then we need once again to have clearly defined goals and priorities both in our lives as well as our ministries. We must go back to pioneer evangelism, to reaching the unreached and unevangelized towns and villages in the nations where God has placed us. We need to go to the places where Christ is not yet named. We need to go back to the original idea of planting churches. Church is at the very heart of missions. Churches, not meetings, built according to New Testament pattern with the Kingdom dimension and lifestyle.

b) Re-discover the power of the Holy Spirit in our prayer life, worship, preaching, teaching and introduce the supernatural dimension in our ministry. We need to see signs and wonders confirming the preaching of the Word.

c) Re-set our agendas and examine our programmes and activities to make sure that they are relevant to today’s context and designed to meet the needs of this generation.

d) Return to the pure, undiluted, unadulterated Word of God
Read it, study it, live it, preach it and practise it uncompromisingly.

e) Reproduce able leaders who can take the church forward into the next generation
We desperately need to concentrate our efforts to raise up a Joshua, Elisha, Timothy generation; people to whom we can pass the baton. None of us are getting younger and we need to reproduce able leaders.

f) Redeem the time
Buy up every opportunity and spare no pain to promote the Kingdom of God in our specific sphere of ser- vice. No sacrifice can be too great to ensure that the King’s pleasure is done. We need to press the battle to the gates so that the Lamb will receive His just reward. This is a time to move away from our pettiness, squabbles, jealousies and status quo. It is a time for us to reach for higher heights, deeper depths and the future. Leave behind mediocrity and reach for the highest and best in God. Go for excellence. As you know mediocrity is
a curse to any work of God which only leads to complacency, stagnancy and apathy. I pray fervently that you will join with me to ask God for a renewed vision, fresh fervour and fire in the Holy Spirit to pursue the things which God has called us to do until we have accomplished all His will.

Yours in Christ,

Philip Mohabir


Honouring the memory of Philip Mohabir

January 2015

As we approach the beginning of another year it is good to pause and reflect on some of the significant events we have experienced in the past year.

In July, people travelled from many nations to be in Georgetown, Guyana, to celebrate 50 years since the establishment of Full Gospel Fellowship through Phil and Muriel Mohabir and others. What joy as many celebrated the goodness of God in the salvation of thousands of people over the years, along with planting over 150 churches in Guyana together with many other ministries established in different locations. As part of the ongoing vision today missionaries have gone from Guyana and travelled the world.

To God be the glory!

25th November marked the tenth anniversary since Phil’s death. How quickly time passes, yet it is right to acknowledge Phil’s commitment to training up and releasing leaders as the work of Full Gospel Fellowship, Connections and ICLC continue to increase both in numbers and influence.

On the back is an article I found that Phil sent out to leaders approximately twenty years ago. Everything that he sensed and highlighted is still relevant for us all today, no matter our location and circumstances. As you prayerfully read it may you be strengthened and encouraged to fulfil the ministry that you received from
the Lord.

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