Philip Dupont

Philip Dupont

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True Kingdom-generations walk together in clearly defined assignments.

The consequence and purpose of walking together is to talk together.

The consequence and purpose of walking and talking together is to work together.

When God calls, don't negotiate, relocate.

When He speaks, don't answer, respond.

When He challenges, rise to the challenge.

When He moves, align and make the expected contribution.

When we speak about the Kingdom of God, we feel "at home" with the terminology. Unfortunately the expression might have lost its real content and therefore its cutting edge.

No cutting edge means no question-mark and no challenge.
No challenge means no growth. No growth means status quo, which equals what everybody hates to love and loves to hate...the comfort-zone

Introduction and quotes from the manual:
"The Kingdom Brand: Its phases & Progression"

UNSTOPPABLE because of the power and authenticity of its beginnings:

  • The centrality of the Son of God
  • The intentional and ongoing focus on God’s leadership and instruction
  • The necessary presence and availability of strategic persons

UNSHAKEABLE because of its roots in undiluted truth:

  • The centrality of the work of the spirit of understanding
  • The need for consolidation and establishment
  • The necessity of progressive revelation

UNBREAKABLE because of the strength and synergy of its relational order:

  • The centrality of the assignment
  • The need for honorable and clean hearts
  • The necessity of aligned generations

UNQUENCHABLE because of the intensity of its fire-tested leadership:

  • The centrality of secure identity creating a safe environment
  • The need for training to form and reform
  • The necessity of accurate models

INDIVERTIBLE because of the determination of its well-educated minds:

  • The centrality of the spirit of prophecy
  • The need for wisdom and insight in the issues of the Kingdom
  • The necessity of progressive revelational understanding

SUSTAINABLE because of the stature of its church and the resilience of its network:

  • The central government of Christ, the Son of God, the Head of the Church and the chief cornerstone of its foundation
  • The need for members and togetherness
  • The necessity of the cross

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