These thoughts are the outline for one of the chapters in the book I am writing “We Lead By Faith”

Pete Game.
Share Christian Fellowship.
1 Haven Close, Eastbourne
East Sussex BN22 0PP


Recently I was reflecting on all the blessings, strength and encouragement of being involved with Connections both here in UK and overseas and have missed seeing you over the past eighteen months plus.

As leaders no doubt we are all busy praying, planning and preparing for the changes coming as lockdown is lifted across the nation.
One thing seems certain that life will be different in a number of ways, so we will need to be open and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit not just individually but as teams in our local churches.

One of the benefits in being local during these last few months is that along with some friends I have had the opportunity to produce another videos series and upload them onto YouTube, along with a study outline. these are suitable to share in online services for main meeting and small groups.

Below are the YouTube video's and also attached is the study outline. trust that these might be of use to you and the people you lead.

Jesus said "I will build my church and gates of hell will not overcome (prevail against) it" also Jesus said "I give you the keys of the kingdom and whatever you bind or loose on earth will have been bound or loosed in heaven" so we can move with confidence preaching the gospel of the kingdom and making disciples (followers) of Jesus.

Looking forward to having the opportunity to meet face to face in the near future and worship the Lord together.

Pete Game

Download the study outline here!


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